Become a Vendor

Interested in selling at the Logansport Farmers Market? Getting started as a vendor is easy. Just contact us and tell us about your products and business and we can help you to get started.

VENDOR FEES: 2 non-refundable options

  • Entire season paid in one installment – $70
  • 2 payments of $40


  • Saturday (May – October) 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday (July – September) 3:30-5:30 p.m.

ELIGIBILITY OF SELLERS: Farmers and home based food and craft producers (‘cottage industry’) must come from Cass County as well as surrounding counties of Carroll, Fulton, Howard, Miami, Pulaski and White. Vendors must be registered with the Logansport Farmers Market Association, Inc. to sell. Vendors must sell their own goods, but may assign additional persons to assist them. Pricing should consider quality and supply. The vendor takes all responsibility for the extent of the contract, with their goods being sold to be of good quality and backed with a fair guarantee.

GOODS PERMITTED FOR SALE: Fresh, unprocessed fruits & vegetables, edible grains, nuts, vegetable & bedding plants, nursery stock, flowers, and handmade crafts are all permitted. Eggs may be sold as long as the seller has obtained a Farmer’s Market Retailer Egg Permit from the Indiana State Egg Board and follows all state requirements concerning labeling and refrigeration. Processed food items considered non-potentially hazardous under the Home-Based Vendor exemption (HEA 1309) are permitted with Indiana Food Handler’s Certificate. These include most baked goods, fruit-based jams and jellies, honey, maple syrup, sorghum, molasses, cider or juice (with proper labeling) and candies. For more information on what foods are allowed under HEA 1309 see the Purdue Extension Factsheet FS-18-W. These foods must adhere to all labeling requirements as stated in HEA 1309 and can be found in the fact sheet listed above. Processed food items considered potentially hazardous including but not limited to: meat & poultry, dairy products, fruit butters, canned or pickled vegetables, low sugar or “no sugar added” jams and jellies, cut produce, raw seed sprouts, and herb & oil mixtures can be sold at market if prepared in a commercial kitchen or in conjunction with local and state laws, and with Indiana Food Handler’s Certificate. All products for sale need to be grown or made by the seller or their immediate family. The vendor must display price markers for all goods and have their name either on display or on the products to sell. No resale items are to be sold at the Farmers’ Market.

EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Each vendor may supply at his/her own expense a stand or counter to place next to their vehicle for the purpose of displaying items for sale. Tents are also recommended. Vending space is limited to 10′ x 10′ area. If more space is needed, vendor may purchase 2 units of space.

PURPOSE OF THE LOGANSPORT FARMERS MARKET ASSOCIATION, INC.: The LFMA is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)3, the specific purposes being:

Education –

– To promote awareness to the general public of nutrition and the availability of fresh goods.

– To provide the resources necessary to aid local producers of fruits, vegetables and homemade goods and crafts in offering their goods for sale to the general public and each other. Some of those resources are as follows:

  • Procuring a public location and bathroom facilities.
  • Communicating with city officials and the Agricultural Extension as necessary.
  • Procuring weights and measurements checks.
  • Communicating with the Cass County Health Dept. regarding Indiana Home- Based Vendor Laws and required permits.
  • Connecting with supplemental governmental programs such as WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)

– To provide a venue for local non-profit organizations (as described in Corporation By- Laws), as well as local farmers and artisans, in order to come together and provide information and home-produced goods to the general public in order to reach out to the community in a public space.

Charitable Purposes –

  • To enrich the community by providing an outlet to stream healthy and nutritious natural and/or organic produce from the rural counties into what is currently the food desert portion of the city of Logansport, in furtherance of charitable purposes.
  • To promote visibility of local art, artisans, crafters, musicians and other local non profit organizations.

Contact us to learn more.

wide view of farmers market
Early morning at the Logansport Farmers Market.